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Access To Major Suppliers

When you join Sportslife Enterprises, you are joining a network of dealers that come together to harness buying power. This has helped us connect with more than 70 wholesale suppliers that all dropship directly to your customer!

E-Commerce Website

Every SportsLife Dealer Is Provided With An E-Commerce Website Loaded With Over 3,000 sports equipment items.

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Review From The BBB Website
I was a SportsLife Dealer in 2015. Their staff was great in supporting my new venture. Their customer/dealer service was top notch and I recommend them as a way to get into the apparel/sports equipment industry. Their lines are very competitive and professional.
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Mission Statement

Help sports minded entrepreneurs launch successful businesses in the retail sporting goods and apparel industry. 

About Us

SportsLife Enterprises was started in 1996 in Woodbridge, Virginia. The President saw how hard it was for an entrepreneur starting out on a small scale to get access to brand name products. This Is How SportsLife was born!

One dealer by themselves may not purchase much every month, however, when you group hundreds of dealer's sales under one umbrella, you then have more bargaining power!

That's right! SportsLife negotiates with supplier direct manufactures on the entire buying group's behalf. Regardless whether or not you purchase $10 or $1000 in products per month, your cost is the same.  This gives an opportunity for our beginning dealers starting out. They have access to the same wholesale prices a seasoned company would get.

Over the years we have helped hundreds of people, both at home and with storefronts, get started in the sporting goods industry. We can help you too!

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"I have had great success with the SportsLife suppliers and I hope those relationships will continue for years to come. I am thankful to everyone that is affiliated with SportsLife for making the old saying, “Living the Dream” a real and personal experience for me and my family."
Kevin Markuson - K&J Sporting Goods

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