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What Is SportsLife, and How Does It Work?

SportsLife is a sports buying group that has members all over the US and Canada. SportsLife helps people that are sports minded and would like to make money providing sports equipment and apparel.

Manufactures All Want Too Much Money!!!

If you were to contact any major sports manufacture, you would soon find  that they have requirements to purchase from them.

Requirements Of Major Manufacture ie. Easton, Rawlings:

  1. An Investment of $5,000 – $50,000 purchase

  2. You will be required to have a storefront location that meets the manufactures requirements.

  3. If there is another dealer of that manufacture within a certain radius of your location, you can be declined as a dealer.

These requirements keep many smaller stores out of the loop with major brand names. Even if you can afford to put up 10K for one manufacture ie. Easton, Mizuno, Rawlings. You would have all your money in 1 supplier!! That would not be a good setup to only have one brand name in your store.

There is a market for these smaller stores that cannot afford to work directly with the major manufactures. These companies are called Supplier Direct Manufactures. These supplier direct manufactures are companies that make the investments to work directly with the major manufactures.

They warehouse all the equipment they purchase,  then sell the major brand equipment to the smaller stores at a $1000 minimum which is much lower than the manufactures minimum purchase requirement.

How SportsLife Helps Your Business.

Over the 24 years SportsLife has been in business, we have made strategic relationships with over 70 supplier direct manufactures.

SportsLife has negotiated these requirements for our dealers:

  1. No minimum purchase, you can purchase one item at a time. (great for internet dealers)

  2. Dropshipping directly to your customers

  3. Competitive wholesale pricing

Join SportsLife and Receive

SportsLife Dealer Number – This number identifies you are a valid SL Dealer to the suppliers

Access To Dealers Only Website – Website to help dealers, private website for dealers only

Dealer Kit – Catalogs, Dealer How-To Guide, Supplier Directory – Shipped UPS

Domain Name – Your Own .Com Website Domain Name 1 Year Registration

Email Accounts – Company Email Accounts

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