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Membership Benefits!

A SportsLife membership gives you a huge advantage in the market place!

Join SportsLife and receive all these powerful tools and features to help you and your business reach & achieve your goals. Many of these benefits are on-going and ever improving.  One of the many advantages of a SportsLife membership is that we are always improving and adding new features that will help our members stay on top of the changing business landscape.

  • Group Buying Power! – Our members enjoy special discounts and prices given just to SportsLife people!
  • Newly Added Suppliers – We are always looking for and adding new suppliers that offer wide ranging products and services!
  • Powerful E Commerce Website – This tool alone is a business powerhouse and an available option at a huge discount because of the buying power of SportsLife! (optional feature)

Our longstanding reputation is what enables us to negotiate the lowest prices possible for our members.

With SportsLife, you are in business for yourself – not by yourself!

If you have a question, your first call should be to SportsLife.  You can call, or send us an email – however you feel best suits your needs.  We stand at the ready to help you so you get the most out of your membership!  Even if you’re not sure who to call to get the help you need, call SportsLife first and we will help direct you to the right person or company that can help you the best.

There is no limit or restrictions on how many times a member can contact us! Simply put – your success is our success. SportsLife, our suppliers and YOU – this is one of those unique situations where all parties succeed and look to help each other.  You see, the more money you make means the more you buy from the suppliers, which means the more money they make.  And if you’re making money, the longer you’ll be a SportsLife member, which means the more money we make.  A THREE WIN SITUATION!  We all win!

Sports Life Enterprises helps entrepreneurs that work from home or an office start a sports business. You can get started without a requirement of opening a sporting goods store. Join SportsLife Enterprises and get the buying power you need to be profitable. 

Our 25+ years or track record gives you the tools, industry connections, and support you need to accomplish your goals to succeed when you start a sports business!


No Commitments, you pay month to month. 

We load thousands of sports equipment products to your shop. We add just about all sports categories (with the exception of water sports and snow sports).  The supplier for this product dropships and has a very organized system for ordering products to be dropshipped. We can also add team apparel and sportswear items per your request.

Yes and No!

Why No? While you acquire your Tax ID. SportsLife Enterprises will facilitate and help fill orders through their accounts.  SportsLife will help guide you through the process of obtaining a Tax ID.

Why Yes, At some point you will want to connect directly with the supplier. Any legit supplier is going to require a Tax ID and Reseller Certificate.

Absolutely! We can connect to just about any payment system software that is on the net right now. 

Yes! there are suppliers that allow for sales on Ebay and Amazon. 

You will be responsible for marketing the website and filling orders. 

Once your website is complete, we will email you a user and password to login to the website dashboard. In the dashboard you can update products, check orders, make site changes, basically the you have full controls to the website.

All suppliers are located in the United States.

We have over 40 suppliers that provide discounts of 30% – 50% depending on product types and seasons. 

There are two steps to filling an order. 

1. Make sure the payment was a success. 

2. Contact your supplier and place the order to be dropshipped to your customer. 

If you do not have a TAX ID yet, you will contact SportsLife and they can facilitate the order free of charge.

After one year from the date of purchasing the Business Executive Plan, your membership will change over to a month to month term at $39.99 per month. This fee includes your membership and website hosting services combined. If you choose to cancel your website, your membership monthly fee would reduce from $39.99 to $19.99. You have the right to cancel the membership and website at the same time and no longer be billed. 

No, very strict rules and you must be licensed with Nike. 

Yes, you can cancel at any time and you will not be billed again. 

However, your first payment to become a dealer is NON REFUNDABLE.

No, at this time we do not have the suppliers.

Within a few hours of becoming a members you can place your first order. 

Yes! We have a number of international Members. it is usually best to have someone in USA that can receive your product first. Then, you can work out the logistics to get the products over to your country. 

No, SportsLife instead charges a monthly membership fee. The reason for this is to keep the wholesale price as low as possible.

No,  you do not need a business license. Only a tax id number for your business. 

Of course, you can work with any products or suppliers you like. We have no rules against our dealers widening their options. 

Yes! You would join on the Dealer Pro membership which gives access to purchase from all suppliers. The only difference you are not provided with a website.

Email or call (909) 855-9857 and we can look into reinstating your account.