Inside Look At SportsLife Enterprises Sports Buying Group

Start A Sports Business

Start A Sports Business

Sports Life Enterprises helps entrepreneurs that work from home or an office start a sports business. You can get started without a requirement of opening a sporting goods store. Join SportsLife Enterprises and get the buying power you need to be profitable./show-me-pricing/

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Powerful Website!

Web Based – no software or special skills needed!

With your SportsLife membership you will receive your own website pre-loaded with over 1000 sporting goods items! You will have the ability to add unlimited products yourself, or go on our auto managed website program and keep your hands clean with automation! Start A Online Sports Business And Receive A Free Domain Name.

Automatic Updated Website Option

  • Latest Products
  • Newest Prices
  • Discontinued Products Removed
  • New Products Added

We take care of everything in your website shop so you can focus on marketing alone!

View Sample Prices Instantly

  • Over 1000 Sporting Good Products Pre-Loaded To Help Get You Started!
  • Accept Payments Through PayPal And Other Merchant Software
  • Shipping Configured To Charge Your Customers
  • SSL Secure Certificate Included (Secures Your Website For Ordering)
  • Add Your Own Products From Your Other Businesses
  • Tax Setup Based On Your State
  • Powerful Product Import CSV Software (Licensed Software Included)
  • Your Own .Com Name (When You Start A Sports Business)
  • Email Addresses
  • Subscribe To Mailing List Function
  • Blog Section Functionality
  • Mobile Version Included
  • Quick Setup – (You Will Get Access To Your New Website Withing 24-48 Hours From Signup)

Real Members!

SportsLife has a long history of helping people just like you!

Our 25+ years or track record gives you the tools, industry connections, and support you need to accomplish your goals to succeed when you start a sports business!

Membership Benefits!

A SportsLife membership gives you a huge advantage in the market place!

Join SportsLife and receive all these powerful tools and features to help you and your business reach & achieve your goals. Many of these benefits are on-going and ever improving.  One of the many advantages of a SportsLife membership is that we are always improving and adding new features that will help our members stay on top of the changing business landscape.

  • Dealer Start Up Kit (shipped UPS)
    • Contents of the Membership Start Up Kit:
      • Unique Member ID Number – This identifies you to all the suppliers as an authorized SportsLife member!
      • Member Manual – This is your easy to read and understand ‘How To’ guide on how to get the most out of your membership!
      • Confidential wholesale price list – These price lists are not for public viewing, only for wholesale buyers!
      • Wholesale Catalogs – These full color catalogs don’t have the prices in them so you can show your customers!
      • Various Samples – apparel, uniforms, promo items – whatever we have from our suppliers to give you!
      • Supplier Directory – complete with web addresses, contact phone numbers and email lists.  This is online and in print!
  • Group Buying Power! – Our members enjoy special discounts and prices given just to SportsLife people!
  • Monthly Newsletters – Keeps you up-to-date with new suppliers, specials, programs and features.
  • Access to the Members Only Website:  Access to this site is restricted only to current members.  This online portal gives you:
    • Online Version of the Supplier Directory – You get access to this huge database of all the suppliers, current and newly added.  You will be kept up-to-the-minute with all the new suppliers and features added to the SportsLife membership!
    • Member Manual – The online version!
    • Archives of the Monthly Newsletters – Go back through history and see how we have grown and added features through the years!
    • Video tutorials – These are designed to help you with step-by-step instructions on the use and implementation of your website!
    • Useful Files and Publications – Blank invoices, record keeping forms, marketing flyer samples!
    • Ever Expanding – The Members Only portal is you 24 hour resource for anything you need.
  • Newly Added Suppliers – We are always looking for and adding new suppliers that offer wide ranging products and services!
  • Powerful E Commerce Website – As described above, this tool alone is a business powerhouse and an available option at a huge discount because of the buying power of SportsLife!

Our longstanding reputation is what enables us to negotiate the lowest prices possible for our members.

Support – Unlimited!

With SportsLife, you are in business for yourself – by not by yourself!

If you have a question, your first call should be to SportsLife.  You can call our 800 number, send us an email – however you feel best suits your needs.  We stand at the ready to help you so you get the most out of your membership!  Even if you’re not sure who to call to get the help you need, call SportsLife first and we will help direct you to the right person or company that can help you the best.

There is no limit or restrictions on how many times a member can contact us! Simply put – your success is our success. SportsLife, our suppliers and YOU – this is one of those unique situations where all parties succeed and look to help each other.  You see, the more money you make means the more you buy from the suppliers, which means the more money they make.  And if you’re making money, the longer you’ll be a SportsLife member, which means the more money we make.  A THREE WIN SITUATION!  We all win!


Below are some frequently asked questions based on all the questions we receive.  Thank you and keep them coming!

1.  Can I add other suppliers from outside the sports industry or even from within the sports industry?

  • YES!  We never restrict with whom you can do business.  Also, you can add their products to your website with us, no problem.

2.  Can I add other products for other suppliers or wholesalers to the website if I choose to add one to my business?

  • Yes!  Again we never restrict you.  Adding products or even services to your website is easy to do!

3.  I already have a website.  Can I still join and use my site?

  • Yes.  You can do it a couple of ways.  You can continue to keep your site where it is and just add over the products you want to sell from our suppliers.

4.  Do I need a business name and/or tax ID to start the membership?

  • No, you do not.  Most people start with their membership then get those things as part of setting up the business. You will probably need them but that kind of stuff is done AFTER you join.  If you need help with it just let us know.

5.  I was a SportsLife member in the past.  How do I start a sports business again?

  • If you were a member and want to reinstate your membership (many people do), please call us at 760-538-3700 X 101, and we will get you all set up.