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Work From Home Business Opportunity Dropship Program

Work from home and open a small sports business to supplement income, or a family business that you can build for a great future. SportsLife Can help you achieve your goals! SportsLife Enterprises is a Sports Buying Group that was established in 1992. SportsLife helps you get connected with the brand name wholesale suppliers needed as well as a mobile friendly e-commerce website to sell through. Work from home in your own sports business! You do not need any industry experience or sales ability necessary for you to succeed in this business.  SportsLife will provide you everything you will need to know to succeed and make a great income running your own fun, profitable business! Sportslife helps you to build a sports business with nine different income streams. 1)  Sports Equipment ( all sports) 2)  Sportswear 3)  Sports Uniforms – Team & Coach Wear 4)  Trophies & Awards & Spirit Items 5)  Promotional Products – Ad Specialties 6)  Custom Embroidery – Sportswear/Apparel 7)  Custom Screen Printing – T-Shirts/Sportswear/Apparel 8)  Sports Memorabilia for Charity Auctions 9) Work From Home Industry Overview Billions of dollars are spent annually in North America on sports equipment and team uniforms. Securing just a small portion of this very lucrative market can make you a lot of money working from home. Who needs or uses our products?  When it comes to your potential customer base, the sky is the limit, because virtually everyone has the need for sporting goods or apparel at one point. Just take a few minutes and think about your local area and how many leagues and recreational activies taking place.  Your potential customer base is huge and includes: Schools, Teams, Leagues, Corporations, Governments, etc. Show Me the Money!!!  So, how will you make money and how much can you make?

Here are a couple of real-life examples of the kind of sales and profit you can make:

1)  A High School placed an order for 28 soccer balls.  The soccer balls cost the Dealer $5.97 each and they sold them for $11.00 each for a PROFIT of $140.84.  How many schools are in your area? 2) A local baseball league needed 4 practice mounds for the baseball fields.  They ordered 4 mounds at ($1299.00 ea.), Wholesale cost is $961.99 each creating a a $1,011.03 total profit for all 4 mounds. How many baseball leagues and teams are in your local city? 3) A local Bank ordered 250 polo shirts with their logo embroidered on them.  The shirts cost you $6.00 each with embroidery. You charge the customer $16.00 per shirt for a profit on this job of $2500! Many distributors in the industry work from the comfort of their own home and have the opportunity to earn high 6 Figures working this business full time.  Or, this can be a great PART-TIME business if you just need to make an extra couple of thousand dollars a month. The Work From Home Opportunity To get started, please contact me today.  I will answer all your questions and help you determine if this business is right for you.  If we both decide there is a good fit, I will then send you your Dealer Kit and we will start getting your website installed. You can be out networking and selling right away!  My plan is to only work with one person in a given geographic location, so it will be first-come first-serve, so don’t delay. I truly look forward to helping you reach your career, business and financial goals. Please CONTACT US today to learn more about this exclusive sports business opportunity and to get started. View Plans Here