Starting A Sporting Goods Business Without A Store Front With SportsLife Enterprises

You can own and operate your own sporting goods business without having a physical store location! 

A SportsLife membership gives you a huge advantage in the market place!

Join SportsLife and receive all these powerful tools and features to help you and your business reach & achieve your goals. Many of these benefits are on-going and ever improving.  One of the many advantages of a SportsLife membership is that we are always improving and adding new features that will help our members stay on top of the changing business landscape.


  • Dealer Start Up Kit (shipped UPS)
    • Contents of the Membership Start Up Kit:
      • Unique Member ID Number – This identifies you to all the suppliers as an authorized SportsLife member!
      • Member Manual – This is your easy to read and understand ‘How To’ guide on how to get the most out of your membership!
      • Confidential wholesale price list – These price lists are not for public viewing, only for wholesale buyers!
      • Wholesale Catalogs – These full color catalogs don’t have the prices in them so you can show your customers!
      • Various Samples – apparel, uniforms, promo items – whatever we have from our suppliers to give you!
      • Supplier Directory – complete with web addresses, contact phone numbers and email lists.  This is online and in print!
  • Group Buying Power! – Our members enjoy special discounts and prices given just to SportsLife people!
  • Monthly Newsletters – Keeps you up-to-date with new suppliers, specials, programs and features.
  • Access to the Members Only Website:  Access to this site is restricted only to current members.  This online portal gives you:
    • Online Version of the Supplier Directory – You get access to this huge database of all the suppliers, current and newly added.  You will be kept up-to-the-minute with all the new suppliers and features added to the SportsLife membership!
    • Member Manual – The online version!
    • Archives of the Monthly Newsletters – Go back through history and see how we have grown and added features through the years!
    • Video tutorials – These are designed to help you with step-by-step instructions on the use and implementation of your website!
    • Useful Files and Publications – Blank invoices, record keeping forms, marketing flyer samples!
    • Ever Expanding – The Members Only portal is you 24 hour resource for anything you need.
  • Newly Added Suppliers – We are always looking for and adding new suppliers that offer wide ranging products and services!
  • Powerful E Commerce Website – As described above, this tool alone is a business powerhouse and an available option at a huge discount because of the buying power of SportsLife!

Our longstanding reputation is what enables us to negotiate the lowest prices possible for our members.

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